PNG Needs Laws on Cyber-Crime

cybercrimePapua New Guinea (PNG) needs appropriate laws and funding to effectively deal with cyber-crime, according to an official with the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA).

NICTA legal services manager, Ian Mileng said there is no tangible element in cyber crimes like those in traditional crimes such as murder, theft, etc. where an accused can be prosecuted on.

He added that it was difficult to prosecute cyber-crimes because it was not tangible and there is no legal framework in place to prosecute offenders.

Mr Mileng said this following the arrest of a man accused of preying on married women using his knowledge in ICT.

The man reportedly blackmailed women with the threat of putting their private pictures online. He used this to gain sexual favours and money. Fortunately, he was unsuspectingly caught by the husband of one of his potential victims who alerted Police resulting in an arrest.

In March 2012, an ad hoc group was formed to look into formulating appropriate legislation into cyber crime and consisted of members of the National Intelligence Organization (NIO), Attorney-General’s Office, Public Prosecutor’s Office, NICTA, the Law Reform Commission and a private lawyer, Mileng said.

However, due to limited funding and the voluntary nature of the group, work on the framework would take some time to complete.

Bernard Sinai

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