Remotely Locking your Mobile Device using F-Secure

Bernard Sinai

Bernard is a writer, martial art enthusiast and geek.

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5 Responses

  1. I added your blog in FIJI PRESS ™. Check!

  2. asds59 says:

    What if the hard reset is done to the stolen phone?

    • Hard reset involves pressing a combination of keys while having access to the phone. In this case all access will be restricted until the correct code is put in. In other words, you are going to have a very hard time trying a hard reset.

  3. Remmy says:

    Hi Bernardo, what happens if the phone with F-secure is stolen alongside the phone containing the trusted number. How do you track the phone with f-secure so as be able to lock, wipe and even locate the missing phone?

    • Bernardo says:

      Hi Remmy,

      F-Secure will send an SMS to your trusted number when the SIM card is changed. You can then send an SMS to the sender number (assuming it is the thief’s) with the code above to lock, delete or locate the phone.

      If you send the locate command to the phone, it will return the GPS location of the phone. This should enable you pin down where the phone is being used.

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