How to Check Your Nambawan Super Balance using SMS

Bernard Sinai

Bernard is a writer, martial art enthusiast and geek.

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24 Responses

  1. Gairo Alai says:

    I have been fooled by an untrusted source that could manipulate my sms text system please do help me.

  2. Moses Maina says:

    Can I register online for obtaining statements?

  3. Mary Akia says:

    I’m in doubt can you please clarify? I have two membership numbers under the same name and same department. I was with the same department for a couple of years ceased work and got back again. Ms Mary Akia. Police Department. 268372/10580781. 106397/ 773859

    • Hi Mary, you really need to contact Nambawan Super with regard to your query. I have included their contact details in the post.

      • Robert Emene says:

        Hi Bernard previously I have nambawan super with other company and currently I have Nasfund. Can nambawan super transfer my previous money to Nasfund or not.

  4. Mathew Kumi says:

    Can you help me register on line and obtain my pin number to check my balance using SMS text please?

  5. Ricky. Wobar says:

    How do I get a pin number?

  6. Dickson Okore says:

    Hi, I have been lost my previous digicel #: which I,ve already been registered and updated into the system and now I have my new digicel #: 73962180. Please up update my new digicel #: into the system, I can remember my PIN #: and Membership #: Thank you kindly, Dickson Okore

  7. Neoli says:

    Hello, i am in need of some money…What is the requirement for a loan?

  8. Maybelyn Inanei says:

    I am really in need of my statement. Who shall I contact to obtain one?

    • nrobinnbcrab says:

      I become a member of RSA in October last year. Who will I contact with regards to my authorized fortnightly payments and balance statement?

  9. Dick Jogo says:

    I urgently need a statement of my contributions to date. Whom can I contact to get one asap. I need it for a bank loan.

  10. Wesley Marama says:

    Ive never received my statement since last year 2015.Please can you assist me so that I can know my savings.

  11. Cedrick Yanuali says:

    Can I register online to obtain my statement

  12. Donald Mataio says:

    1.Can you notify me how many NSL members are there altogether?
    2.I have received a text message from NSL lately for checking my balance. I have problems checking, my phone keeps telling me membership # or security pin is incorrect despite the correct numbers I entered. it’s been going on for two weeks now.
    Please reply..

  13. ODILA PETO says:

    My contributions are going to NASFUND because of my current employ. Is it possible to transfer my Nambawan Super contributions to NASFUND?

  14. Edward Mambotebia says:

    I tried to check my NSL balance but couldn’t Access it. I have already registered ,through SMS n email for the response but failed, plis help me.

  15. Ray Raymond Kala says:

    I need to have my saving statements please

  16. Blasius Komboni says:

    Hi, would you help me ? I need to have my Nabawan Super statements please

    • Hi Blasius,

      Unfortunatly I’m not a Nambawan Super officer and cannot help. However, I’m sure their officers at Waigani would be more than happy to assist if you go there.

      You will require your Nambawan Super ID.

  1. May 25, 2014

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