Category: PC Security

Vikings, Viagra and Versace: A Brief History of Spam

Spam has always been a pain in everyone’s butt (except the spammers), but spam does have an interesting story and this video by Pete Davies takes us through the brief history of spam.

Password Protect Your Microsoft Word documents

Here is a simple tip to protect your data by locking your word documents. The screen shots below are from Microsoft Office 2007. However, you can also apply this to other versions as well....

Remotely Locking your Mobile Device using F-Secure

Mobile phones are the target of many pickpockets today. It is small and easy to sell. Many of us who have had our phones or mobile devices stolen one time or another understand the...

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Antivirus Software

Things to consider when choosing antivirus software Many people have their own ideas when it comes to antivirus software. I have my own too. This has led to the question many people have asked...

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