A Papua New Guinean’s Guide to Buying on eBay

Bernard Sinai

Bernard is a writer, martial art enthusiast and geek.

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16 Responses

  1. b0fEx says:

    bro great blog…keep it up

  2. Michael A Wani says:

    Bro thank you at last found a real country man to help me guide me to shop online on Ebay – Thanks

  3. Michael A Wani says:

    Bro , one more thing I want to stress here, Confirmation , which Ebay ask in text for aPIN #. Which I see is that they always ask for an Australian 10 digit phone number to forward PIN# to customers for confirmation…..please help

    • Hi Michael,

      I believe there are two options to confirm. You can either do it by email or text. I suggest using email as you do not have an Australian number.

      It is unfortunate that I did not face this problem and cannot be much help. However, you can seek assistance with the eBay online community https://community.ebay.com

  4. Mazel Paiva says:

    Great blog. Not sure if you missed anything and I don’t have anything to add..here’s a question though: what should the shipping address on Ebay look like?

    Tad bit worried about the address I end up with after guesswork in regards to City, State and a googled postal code :3

  5. Billy Tuam says:

    Can I sell my dry cocoa beans on eBay?

    • Yes. You can sell almost anything legal on eBay. However, to sell and export dry cocoa beans through this medium you will have to inquire with the proper authorities with regard to shipping and handling of organic material.

      I am sure NAQIA should provide adequate information.

  6. stavis says:

    Hi Benard, good info. Can you please clarify if Iam buying from Ebay Australia and one comment says >>” Posts to:Australia and New Zealand”, will that company post items to PNG as well??

    • It depends on the company’s shipping policy and who they might be using to ship. I would suggest messaging the vendor through eBay and asking them about it.

      Note, its easier for them to send items over if its through DHL or any other express shipping service provider that we have in-country.

      Again, your best bet is to message the vendor and find out from them.

  7. Jeannie Buga says:

    Interesting tho, I have done several online purchase on ebay. Orders have arrived on time. I get most of my mail through Post office box.
    Bernard how about if i order things like a TV screen will it come through Post Office at Boroko.
    Do you know or have any idea how shipments with DHL works.

    • Hi Jeanie,

      It works much the same with DHL. Large items sent through them will be kept at their HQ and you can pick it up there. You have to have a valid ID. However, some items may not end up at their office.

      I recently purchased a stylus for a Lenovo tablet from Germany and while the sender sent it through DHL, the item arrived at the Post Office.

      DHL may contact you to advice of your packages arrival if the sender has tagged it as urgent. They did that for me a few years back when I purchased a used vehicle from Japan. They had the Bill of Lading sent to me two weeks before the vehicle arrived.

      As far as shipping a TV goes, I’m not sure. The largest item I have purchased is an Xbox 360 gaming console and it arrived safely. The only thing was that Customs had to cut open the box to examine it.

  8. Jeannie Buga says:

    Thank you Bernard. I was hoping to purchase a TV through ebay but I had second thoughts on where it would come through.
    Thank you for that explanation.

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