Telikom changes internet dongle /modem numbers

By on February 10, 2013

If you’ve been having difficulties with using your Telikom PNG internet dongle /modems then don’t be alarmed – you are not alone.

According to a public notice by the internet provider, all dongle numbers have changed to 8 digits as of February 10 (today). The change will affect the username (i.e. number). The passwords will not be affected.

According to Telikom, the change will see changes in the first two or three numbers changed, and 7 will be added before the numbers to make it 8.

Current 7 digit format New 8 digit format
34xxxxx 770xxxxx
43xxxxx 771xxxxx
47xxxxx 777xxxxx
52xxxxx 772xxxxx
652xxxx 7732xxxx
653xxxx 7733xxxx
654xxxx 7734xxxx
655xxxx 7735xxxx
657xxxx 7737xxxx
658xxxx 7738xxxx
94xxxxx 774xxxxx
77xxxxx 777xxxxx

The changes take effect on February 10, 2013 which means users have to change their login details in order to use Telikom dongles /modems. However, if users require assistance then they can contact the company on 345 6789.



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