NICTA halts Telikom from selling ZTE phones

Charles PunahaThe country’s information and communications technology authority, NICTA, has ordered Telikom PNG Ltd to cease the sales of its range of ZTE handsets and mobiles until an approval process is complied with.

According to the Post Courier, NICTA chief executive officer Charles Punaha wrote to Telikom’s CEO, Charles Litau on the 18 of this month with directives for the company to immediately cease the sales of the following ZTE handset models: 908, N960 and the S128. This comes after allegations that the models were faulty.

According to Punaha’s letter, the smartphones were not type-approved by NICTA and he called for an immediate cease of selling until the approval process is completed.

However, Telikom is still selling these models and marketing executive Xavior Victor reportedly said they would not comply with NICTA’s letter. He also defended the product and said they (the products) were not defective. He said the company went through a transparent process to select ZTE out of its preferred suppliers.

Read more here at Post Courier.

Bernard Sinai

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