Digicel Invested Over K1 Billion Over 5 years

Julian Ogrin

Digicel’s Chief Operating Officer, Julian Ogrin.

Irish mobile communications company Digicel has invested over K1 billion or US$485 million in Papua New Guinea (PNG) over the last 5 years due to the demand for connectivity, Chief Operating Officer Julian Ogrin said in a briefing with solutions partner Cisco at the Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby on Wednesday.

He said the large investment was due to the “internet revolution” which the company is partly responsible for. He said the company is working on improving networking and productivity, and 95% of the company’s capital is invested in data communications as opposed to voice. He said the company has almost 100, 000 3G consumers with a growth rate of 10% per month. Meanwhile, their customer base has already reached over the 2 million mark.

He said Digicel is focused on expanding the 3G coverage and capacity to meet the demand. He said they will have about 150 new 3G sites by June 2013.

Bernard Sinai

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  1. I am excited about the expansion of 3G. When will it be rolled out to Vanimo?

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