Connect your Samsung Gio GT-S5660 to BeMobile Internet

Bernard Sinai

Bernard is a writer, martial art enthusiast and geek.

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7 Responses

  1. Malon says:

    Hi! can i also ask for GRPS Settings for my Samsung Galaxy S3?

  2. Bernardo says:

    I’m pretty sure you can use the same settings on your S3 (if you are a bemobile subscriber). If you are a Digicel subscriber then you should contact your Customer Care for help to get you connected.

  3. Steven M. says:

    Thanks for the settings bro.

  4. Pat O. says:

    Do you have iPhone configuration?

    • I haven’t tried configuring an iPhone yet but I believe the same settings can be used. I may also have to contact BeMobile for updated settings especially with new management.

  5. Jada Tee says:

    Do you have the settings for HTC ONE SV?

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